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Open Finance Crowdfunding Platform

The State of Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding has long been a mainstay for startups and entrepreneurs seeking opportunities to raise capital and bring their products and ideas to life.

The Opportunity

The global crowdfunding market was valued at USD 10.2 billion in 2018 and is expected to reach USD 28.8 billion by the end of 2025, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 16%.

The Problem

The conventional crowdfunding process is controlled by a central authority, resulting in lack of trust in the system. The preferential treatment is awarded to projects that are deemed worthy of public support. Consequently, 78% of campaigns are unable to achieve their funding goals.

The Solution

The disruptive blockchain technology, with decentralization at its core, makes third party functions redundant. It brings trust and transparency to the system, enabling businesses, entrepreneurs, and start-ups to raise funds with confidence.

DAOZedXe: Redefining crowdfunding with blockchain

DAOZedXe is an innovative platform built on Ethereum blockchain to drive a significant paradigm shift in the crowdfunding process. Underpinned by a completely decentralized mechanism, it provides a transparent way for individuals to quickly and easily raise funds.

Today, as the world is facing a health and humanitarian crisis, having a huge impact on the global economy, the opportunities for fundraising also seem to be alleviating. However, DAOZedXe enables businesses and individuals to shift technology capacity and crowdfunding to a digital platform, mitigating the impact of the outbreak and simplifying fundraising now, and over the long term.

  • Contribute
    A fixed amount of 0.25 ETH
  • Refer
    Your ID to attract referrals
  • Earn
    Guaranteed one-way profit up to 1 ETH
  • Repeat
    Top-up your ID unlimited times for recurring earnings

You have complete control over your funds

DAOZedXe is powered by blockchain and smart contract, making it completely decentralized (without any Admin control) – thereby providing you with complete control over your account and funds.

The immutable smart contract performs all of the calculations and drives automatic transactions to your Ethereum wallet, instantly. Additionally, the smart contract holds your account, which means that your account cannot be controlled, blocked, or deleted by the system (not even the Admin). You (and only you) have the ownership of your account.

DAOZedXe (DZX) Token:
World’s First Community-based Token

DZX is an ERC20 token that is completely community-based – the management does not hold or control the supply of tokens. DZX tokens will be automatically generated every time a user sign-up on the DAOZedXe platform with 0.25 ETH or top-up the account with 0.25 ETH after earning 1 ETH.

The tokens earned by the users will be automatically transferred to users’ accounts via DAOZedXe smart contract, without any delay.

Any Coin/Token is for the Community and by the Community, thus the price of DZX token will be driven by the community.

The total supply of DZX tokens will be 100 million and the utility of DZX token will be across the entire DAOZedXe ecosystem, which will be developed as per the DAOZedXe roadmap.

Benefits of (DZX) Token

  • Transparent

    DZX tokens will be driven by the community, making them completely transparent and immune to inflation.

  • Transferable

    DZX tokens are transferable and can be utilized across the DAOZedXe ecosystem, rewards programs, DeFi apps, DEX, banks, and ERC20 compatible wallets and ecosystems.

  • Tradable

    DZX tokens will be tradable sooner rather than later on both centralized and decentralized crypto exchanges, as per community demand and supply.

  • Easily integrable

    DZX tokens can be seamlessly integrated without any consumer and business disruption.

  • Ever-existing

    By design and compatibility, DZX tokens will never ever expire.

  • First hybrid offering worldwide

    DZX tokens and DAOZedXe Social DAC are planned to create one of the largest organic communities to offer a DAOZedXe hybrid solution for the Industry 4.0 Applications and DeFi Protocols for Fundraising purposes in the future.

DAOZedXe: A project of ZedXe

ZedXe is an Estonia regulated and licensed exchange platform launched in October 2018 at GITEX, by a team based in Estonia and Asia. ZedXe Exchange, with its Zuflo Coin (ZFL), aims to bring Trading and Finance on one platform for worldwide users. ZFL allows users of platform to improve efficiency, reduce errors, save time, and leverage straight-through processing without any intermediary, while harnessing AI (Artificial Intelligence) Management tools.

Project achievements

How does DAOZedXe work

A few simple steps and you create a recurring revenue stream for yourself

Step 1

Add MetaMask crypto wallet as an extension to Chrome, Firefox, or Brave Browser.

Step 2

Sign up or Log in to your MetaMask Wallet and deposit a minimum of 0.275 ETH to your wallet.

Step 3

Visit the website

Step 4

Sign in to your DAOZedXe account using your Ethereum wallet address (having minimum 0.275 ETH balance).

Step 5

Promote your referral link or your ETH address as much as possible to attract maximum number of new referrals.

Why DAOZedXe

An innovative platform underpinned by advanced features to deliver tangible value

Risk Free

Invest with confidence. We have taken the risk out of investment for you. Invest as low as 0.25 ETH and grow your money infinitely. The smart contract drives automatic and accelerated transactions, transferring funds to your wallet with minimum latency.


DAOZedXe is driven by Ethereum blockchain, making it completely decentralized. The absence of human involvement means that even if the website shuts down, the process will continue to execute, owing to a smart contract and Ethereum blockchain.

Immutable business logic

The immutable smart contract does all the calculations on the platform. It impedes any changes to the system, makes human functions redundant, and puts you (and only you) in complete control of your funds.

P2P transactions

The platform enables direct, smart contract-driven transactions between users (eliminating Admin control). The funds are automatically calculated through the smart contract and are expeditiously transferred to your wallet.

Our Roadmap

A technical blueprint that serves as a foundation to accomplish our business goals.

Decentralized wallet

Total DAO signups 5,000

Launch a proprietary decentralized wallet

Location-based social BTC accessibility

Total DAO signups 10,000

Integration of app into the decentralized wallet

Management and Operations team

Total DAO signups 20,000

Recruitment of industry experienced executives on long-term contracts

EMI licence

Total DAO signups 30,000

Apply for EMI (Electronic Money Institution) license from financial authorities

KYC/AML platform

Total DAO signups 40,000

Blockchain-based identity management solution

Personal/business banking

Total DAO signups 50,000

Issuance of IBAN account number to individuals and corporate

P2P digital assets exchange

Total DAO signups 75,000

Peer-to-peer exchange to offer Escrow services to users

Visa/Master card

Total DAO signups 95,000

Issuance of Visa and Master cards linked to accounts

Decentralized exchange

Total DAO signups 125,000

Decentralized digital assets exchange

P2P micro lending

Total DAO signups 155,000

Collateral-based insured peer-to-peer lending and SME loan facility

Fixed deposits and investments

Total DAO signups 180,000

Digital assets fixed deposits and investment plans

Global insurance and pension plans

Total DAO signups 210,000

Blockchain-based pension plans and insurance/assurance plans

Cross-border payment remittance

Total DAO signups 500,000

International payment remittance through DZX

The Management will announce the timeframe for each activity under the roadmap,
after achieving or reaching each milestone separately.

DZX Utility: DZX can only be SWAPPED or PAIRED with ZFL, once we reach all of our milestones

  • As a medium of Service Fee/Voucher for platform discounts
  • Some percentage of Interest on the Lending can be paid by Token
  • Some percentage of Interest on Installments can be paid by Token
  • Avail discount in services offered by DAOZedXe’s business partners
  • International payment remittance fee reduced from 7% to 3 % which can be paid by Token


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